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[18 Nov 2009|01:09am]
I want to start a more consistent journal, but it take too much time to load stuff on Livjournal. Blogger seems easier, but I don't think you can make private posts. Does anyone know of an alternative to Livejournal?
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mmmmmmmmm [18 Nov 2009|01:02am]

Raw brownies! These little guys include all of our favorite ingredients: cashew, cacao, pecans, agave, coconut butter. Yum. I was concerned about using my coconut butter because it looked INSANE, just mental, wild, and very out of control. Normally, I would have thought it looked sane and fine, BUT last week I was all over the toilet because the nuts in my raw lasagna spoiled, and I was still eating it four days later. Go figure. I used the butter anyway, and I feel fine right now, but the throwing up usually takes place 12-24 hours later so I shall see.
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[03 Nov 2009|03:19pm]
I had completely forgotten about livejournal, until Austin asked me if I still had one. So, now I shall update it in a Boston coffee shop from Marzio - my iPhone.

I've been very busy the past few months. I was working at Van Michael for a year while living in l5p. I saved all my money to travel. When I couldn't bring myself to dress up one more day, I booked a plane ticket out to Central America. I survived dengue in Costa Rica, and salsa danced my way through panama. I worked on farms, bathed in rivers, jumped off waterfalls, had pizza dance parties, hitch hiked to Samara on a motorcycle, volunteered at manifestation gathering, and met the best people doing it all.

I'm in Boston, going to New York tomorrow. I'll probably move to Portland after I go to Israel, and save up money for South America. I should keep up with my lj to record my journey through going raw with food! It's a beautiful thing!

I hope everyone is well, if anyone still reads this!
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hello all! [02 Feb 2009|04:30pm]
this is me informing you i made a facebook. i haven't talked to most of you in a very long time. i always enjoy coming across fellow north cobbians in atlanta. i hope we all stay in touch, and i hope we are all doing very well.

as for me, i graduated from aveda one year ago (god, i can't believe it's been that long!) i've been employed at van michael for seven months. me and my brother live on the quietest street of candler park. i've become addicted to documentaries, and cleaning my house. if you need a hair cut, let me know.

i hope to see you soon!
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[30 May 2008|02:56pm]
When we aren't skating the ditch, we dance the ditch.

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[26 Nov 2007|10:57am]
naturally, plans have changed yet again. i'm going to check out dates and do http://www.americore.gov/. it's for ten months, and i can't think of anything more perfect for me. i'll go to sacramento, and see what i think of ca for longer periods of time.
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come out! [04 Nov 2007|11:00am]
i'm in the mjq fashion show tonight!
come see me!

grits and glam!
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[29 Oct 2007|10:52am]
i hate moving on without you, but it couldn't have been otherwise.
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[27 Sep 2007|06:55pm]
i eat a tub of hummus every day, and i'm really fucking tired of it.

but i can't stop, it's so good.
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[26 Jul 2007|02:08pm]
i can't believe i got hit by a car on my bicycle three days ago. my leg is doing so much better today. thank god it's not going to affect me the rest of my life. i really just hate taking two weeks off of school, but now i can focus on finally finishing anna karenina, and maybe i'll do a solo project for the mixed tape theme at young blood, instead of collaborating with andy so much.

i'm thinking about moving to asheville or portland after school. i feel like atlanta people are all the same. you've met one, you've met them all. this is the least creative place in the world. i guess it's because everything is so accessible, nobody has to think of an alternative. the city is so fast, i doubt anyone is thinking at all.
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what's wrong with me? [18 Jul 2007|09:37pm]
i'm such a fucking loner, but i don't want to be! i want to hang out in big groups, and have "that group" of friends. It's possible, i've had the opportunity to join many of my friends group of friends. you know, i even went to the harry potter premier, and it was a huge thing among this particular group, but it's just so not me. i always feel like i'm turning my back on who i am, when i do stuff like that. like, "no i shouldn't be here trying to fit in to this group, who is surprisingly a lot like me", i need to be alone with some awkward person, with no social skills.

i mean, i know exactly what i like to do, i just get caught up in things i think i should want to do. it's just that, nobody ever want to do the things i like to do. i feel like everyones idea of a good time is getting drunk, and going to mjq, or some other venue.

i really just want one honest companion. someone to do the things i love with. ride my bike, paint, talk, NOT DRINK. i've recently discovered that i don't care if i drink one more thing the rest of my life. every single thing i've done/said while drinking is just cheap, and nothing positive has come from it.

i want someone to stick around. you can't find that in the city, you really can't.
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FASHION SHOW [13 Jul 2007|01:25am]
after a completely disastrous day at school, i had an amazing fashion show! me and my aveda friends did the fashion show at mjq tonight! it all went so well! i did the actual designers hair, and she loved it so much! they gave us free drinks, which i'm still inebriated from. a girl from nani (an incredible salon) said that she was going to put in a really good word for me, so i better call soon. i have awesome professional pictures for my portfolio (i'll post some later), and me and the new class at aveda, became so close. i really hit it off with the models too, we all danced later on in the night.

ah, i'm really glad i ended up doing it.
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[02 Jun 2007|04:24am]
went on the floor two days ago!
i got a twenty six dollar tip at school today, and a ten dollar tip yesterday. those are just the tips i saw. if i keep this up, i can totally quit my job, and not have to scurry there after school anymore!

i'm going to sc tomorrow, that's what i need. i just want to go out there, practice cuts, and see phil.
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[07 Apr 2007|10:33am]
i bought a bike! i'm really satisfied with my purchase.

they sent me home from school today, i was pretty upset so i called work to tell them i was just going to head out to sc, instead of coming in later for a few hours. They said "aw jensen, i'm so sorry, just come on in, get some experience and money and you'll feel better." HAHA THAT'S LIKE THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANTED, but they REALLY were trying to help out. i don't want to go, but if i get to assist under dj today, i'll be on a cloud.

and by the way, if you ever want me to miss you, even if i never liked you, get out of my life for a couple weeks.
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[25 Mar 2007|11:38am]
go bike riding on the silver comet trail at night.
that is all.
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[05 Mar 2007|05:38pm]
SO, this is my second month at aveda.
i work at key lime pie.
i haven't contemplated slitting my wrists in a long minute
because life is just good.
I dance a lot, and drink too much beer with baby miracle.
a fake id looks like something that will be in the cards,
because mjq is apparently where it's at.
and of course, i have a boyfriend figure
who is a gemini like me, so we know how that goes. =)

i've finally accepted that comparisons are odious, and it's made all the difference. i love who i am, and i'm so satisfied with every decision i've made since school started. with the exception of that shit phone, which is going to be taken back as soon as i have time. =)

much love to everyone!

does anyone want a body wave, or a relaxer?
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[04 Dec 2006|01:51pm]
Me and Phil are celebrating Rohatsu (Bodhi Day). We're fasting until the eighth. We started last night at seven. On the eighth we're going to have a little ceremony and break our fast with some sweet ass dinner, and meditation will probably be involved. Phil is my other half. I'm positive of that. It's a fact.

And nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww me and Will our heading out to Greenville to visit his Aunt, and then get some DDR action going on.
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[28 Nov 2006|06:06pm]
When the sun goes down and the moon comes up I turn into a teenage goo goo muck.

Just a little Jensen trivia for you folk.
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[08 Nov 2006|12:58am]
Do you think it's better to be with someone who makes you want to be a better person, or makes you like the person you are?
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[04 Nov 2006|02:03pm]
I went over to Justin's house while I was in Georgia. He was all, “HEYYYYY, I'm hikin up to Asheville tomorrow.” I was already heading back to South Carolina anyway, so he rode with me. We hung out at a BAM when we got there, and everyone pretty much loved him. Then went to waffle house, slept in my car, and I dropped him off in Anderson in the morning so he could start on his way.

I got an unknown phone call three hours later and it was him. I was like, “Damn, he's in Jail already! I gave him at least a day.” He was said, “I got escorted out of town by the police.” He meant though, literally....a cop gave him a ride all the way Asheville. Haha!

”itCollapse )
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